Girl Time = Me Time


Often overlooked, self-care is vitally important for good health. I can’t think of a better way to relieve stress than a classic girls’ trip. So last weekend I had the pleasure of engaging in forty-eight uninterrupted hours of story telling, belly laughing, junk food eating, and adult beverage drinking. With my seven closest girlfriends, I find that not only can I be myself, but I can also love myself.

A few months back, the girls and I agreed that we should head down south for a fun weekend of getting reacquainted. Over time we had lost track of each other, but we were finally ready to get caught up on everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In the weeks leading up to this little vaycay however, I began to question whether I really wanted to go. Suddenly my girls’ weekend was creating feelings of guilt and anxiety instead of fun and relaxation. The crux of these feelings was a basic question: how am I going to eat healthy and exercise during the trip?

You see, I had been taking baby steps toward feeling better about myself, starting with eating right, and I was worried I was going to take ten steps backward. But after evaluating the pros and cons, I realized this trip was going to provide a much-needed mental health break. Laughing, crying, talking, and just being with friends is often the best best medicine for feeling better.

So I tried my best to minimize the damage to my waistline, but at the end of the day I didn’t beat myself up for having another piece of schnecken or one more adult beverage. My girlfriends are one of the many social communities that I cherish, and they motivate me to continue my journey to wellness. And while I look forward to growing old and gray with them, it’s important to enjoy these moments along the way because, as I now realize, we truly are friends for life!

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