The Eat Better Nutritional Philosophy


Eat Better is a nutritional philosophy for a lifetime of good health, not a short-term diet. You will feel better, move better, and think better by eating real, whole foods that contain all the nutrition needed for your age, gender, and fitness level. The Eat Better plan focuses on quality ingredients and simple cooking methods. Flexible and uncomplicated, it’s based on the specific needs of each individual. Eat Better is a plan that you can live with.

Ten Ways to Eat Better:

  1. Use simple cooking methods

  2. Preserve and enhance natural flavors

  3. Whole food is best

  4. Find local food if available

  5. Use fresh, organic, non-GMO, preservative-free ingredients

  6. Keep menus short and uncomplicated

  7. Gather information to make better choices

  8. Focus on nutrition rather than calories, fat, and carbs

  9. Adjust portion sizes to meet individual needs

  10. Use fresh herbs, spices, oils, and real butter to enhance flavor