Welcome to Feel Better Life


Too many of us spend our lives feeling sick and tired. We are overworked, stressed out, and unhealthy. But with the right combination of fitness, nutrition, and information, you can learn how to feel better

Feel Better Life is an online magazine dedicated to telling the truth about health, diets, weight loss, and the massive “healthcare industrial complex” that spreads so much BS about how to live your life. Our goal is to help create a path to a healthy and sustainable lifespan for everyone.

We are here to tell you about the way it IS, as well as the way it SHOULD BE. About living a healthy life according to the best available information. About the three keys to living better and longer: Food, Fitness, and Stress Management. And along the way, we intend to expose the misrepresentations and outright lies perpetrated by modern-day snake oil salesmen in the name of health and wellness.

On Feel Better Life you’ll find everything from brief posts on the latest health news to in-depth essays focusing on more important topics. From time to time, we also plan to feature longer “White Paper”-type articles with detailed analysis and conclusions, something that is increasingly rare in the modern social media-focused landscape.

Our contributors include everyone from an expert chef with decades of experience, to a fitness trainer beloved by her clients. An ex-healthcare exec with a husband and two teenagers will share her journey navigating the challenges of balancing everyday life with a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, over time we hope to create an open forum where everyone can feel free to share information and ideas. So whether you’re an expert or a beginner, a recognized authority or just the average person…your voice is welcome here.